If you have good photos, you have a treasure



We regret to announce that the prize has been null and void, since the winner has not fulfilled the required conditions.


Be our best follower, pay attention to our post, show how much you love Aït Ben Haddou and win one of our 2 days trips!! #ABHPicOfTheWeek

Right here, we’ll post the best pic with the hashtag #ABHPicOfTheWeek.

We want to reward our Instagram followers, and because of that, we’ll select every week the best pic tagged with the hashtag #ABHPicOfTheWeek, the one which we’ll post in this section.

On November the 28th, we will close the publications. The selected photograph which has obtained most “likes” on December the 10th, will be the winner of our weekend trip. Then, we will post the name of the winner.

Prize will consist in a 2 days visit to Aït Ben Haddou with all costs paid, including a guide visit to our enblematic Kasbah, and a dromedary walk in the Draa River Gorges. The winner of the prize will be allowed to use it till November 30th, 2019. The winner will be allowed to select the dates, but they will be addapted to the Hotel’s disposition.

The Hotel we have chosen for #ABHPicOfTheWeek is Paradise of Silence. A beautiful and quiet Hotel just in Aït Ben Haddou where you can enjoy the calm and silence of the place.

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