Who We Are

We want you to fall in love

This story begins with one of our main members, Nuria, coming to Aït Ben Haddou on a touristic trip. This happened nearly by accident, but we know the most beautiful things happen this way, and when she first saw the village, she knew that time wouldn’t be the last one. And she was right.

She fell in love with Aït Ben Haddou, with the Kasbah, with its culture and its environment… and she met Mohamed, another of our members.

Then somehow, knowing their other enterprise in Spain had the Seal of Touristic Quality from the Spanish Government, she thought about applying the same ideas on a new project, based in Aït Ben Haddou as a touristic destiny. That’s how Among Dunes came to life.

Now, Nuria, her daughter María, and the rest of their hard working partners are developing all this project, so that everyone can discover and enjoy Aït Ben Haddou’s history, culture and magic.

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