Travelling alone or accompanied?

The decision of travelling alone or accompanied it is something personal and determined by the circumstances of every moment and of every person. We offer you a solution in order that you can enjoy your trip no matter what the circumstances are. Do you like to travel with family or friends? We have more than 20 years of experience accompanying groups of people in his visits to the kasbahs, the routes of trekking in the mountains, or during the excursions by dromedary on our desert camps. Only you have to tell us what type of trip you want to do and we will design it to your measure.

Do you prefer travelling in pair or in a small group? The Magazine National Geographic recommends us as one of the 5 best destinations to travel in pair. We have vehicles and professional guides and we will design for you a customized route in which you will have chauffeurs and guides at all times, who speak your language and they will take charge to show you from the most tourist sites up to the most misterious places of our geography, at the same time as they guarantee the maximum safety.

Let’s talk about children. It is not easy to travel with the youngest ones. Sometimes the insecurity, the fear of the lack of hygiene or of the different food habits, makes it difficult for us to choose a destination to travel with our children. We know the tastes of the youngest ones, and we know how to design an unforgettable travel for them. A simple turban or a history in the desert beside the light of the fire can turn for them into something magic and into a rest time for the adults.


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