Trekking can be a wonderful adventure, if you experience it in the right circumstances.

Morocco is an eminently mountanious country. Two thirds of his surface are mountains and hills, which turns it into an ideal destination for routes of trekking, ideal for the most curious and adventurous people. They didn’t produced Indiana Jones here for no reason, right? In the country there are 4 mountainous chains to visit. In the north you can find the mountains of the Rif, bordering the Mediterranean, between Tangier and the border with Algeria. The rest, they belong to the immense mountain chain of the Atlas, divided in three parts: the Average Atlas, the High Atlas and the Anti-atlas. Some of the tops overcome 4.000 meters of height, like the Tubkal.

During our way along these mountains, we want to accompany you to discovering places as the throat of Cup, the valley of the river Inauen, scarped mountains as Bon Naceur, Boublane or the river Muluya. Also it is very advisable to visit the zone of the Anti-atlas, which passes between Agadir (on the coast), Ouarzazate, (the “Mecca” of the cinema of Morocco), in the center, and Tafilalet, in the eastern part, near Merzouga’s dunes. Finally, other one of the offers would be the tour that begins in the throat of the river Dadés, near Ouarzazate, where the route of the kasbahs begins.

All the itineraries can be modified to your taste and needs. We suggest you, likewise, to indicate your favorite tour to us, and we will adapt to your dates and preferences. If your problem is the fear of the unknown thing, also you can be reliefed about it. We are specialized in guiding by natural spaces, to guarantee your safety and your enjoyment over everything. Our premise is that your vacations of adventures in Aït Ben Haddou are, in all the aspects, unforgettable. In Dreaming Sand we decline for sport, so, if the desires of adventures run in your vains, and you want to escape and to disconnect, our Trekking Routes are your suitable activity. Go across the most emblematic places of the mountain chains of Morocco, and live adventures in a pleasant, dynamic and sure way.


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