Traveling to Morocco is possible again

Traveling to Morocco is possible again, but to prevent COVID-19, we must comply with a series of protocols and requirements. We inform you of everything.

Traveling to Morocco is possible. After a six-month ban on sightseeing, we are ready to travel. Although the land and sea border with Spain is still closed, we can travel from Spain by plane, always complying with the regulations of the Moroccan authorities.

Morocco also allows entry to passengers from the US and many other countries. If, at first, only Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia were flying, there are already flights from other companies such as Ryanair, to Moroccan territory in the coming days. Mainly to the airports of Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech.

If you want to fly from the US, we recommend that you process your entire circuit with Spain Savvy. This agency specializes in moving travelers from North America and will manage the flights that best suit your needs, along with accommodation and all complementary services, offering the maximum guarantees.


For our part, we have incorporated insurance with the company AXA into our circuits, which includes coverage for contingencies that may occur derived from COVID – 19. We also guarantee the maximum precautions to avoid contagions. We pick up our clients at the airport and leave them there again, avoiding contact with other vehicles and people, since until the moment of their return, we behave as a family unit, without allowing contact with other people. The accommodations have been previously disinfected and we’ll perform all possible services outdoors. The restaurants are also in our absolute confidence and we also use masks at all times. The hydroalcoholic gel is also, at all times, at your disposal during transfers and excursions to guarantee your safety.

Ask us for all the information before you start planning your trip to avoid setbacks. We will advise you on which combination of flights is the best to carry out any of our routes. Kahsbas, Atlantic zone, Eastern zone or Desert.

We have everything ready so that traveling to Morocco is safe. Are you accompanying us?

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