Music Festivals in Morocco

The importance of Music in Morocco is fundamental, as in every culture.

Music festivals in Morocco.

The importance of Music in Morocco is fundamental, as in every culture. It is part of the artistic heritage of a country, and should be respected and praised as it deserves. Therefore, in this review we want to tell you about the main music festivals in Morocco.

In Essaouira, a beautiful city on the Atlantic coast, whose medina is a World Heritage Site, two important festivals take place:

Printemps Musical des Alizés Festival in Essaouira

Organized by the Essaouira Mogador Association, it is held every year at the end of April. It is an event of chamber and classical music, in which both local and international musicians participate, the performance of the Moroccan Philharmonic Choir being notable.

Gnawa Essaouira

Another of the great festivals is the Gnawa music festival in Essaouira. Gnawa black music has been listed by Unesco as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, in 2019. During the month of July, the country’s most prominent musical groups meet in Essaouira. In those days it is common to see the Medina getting filled with people who come from all over the world to witness the performances of these groups.

Fez Sacred Music Festival

The Sacred Music of the World Festival in Fez is organized by the Fondation Esprit de Fès, and takes place every year at the beginning of June, since 1994, in the city of Fez.
It is about reconciling people and cultures through art and folklore, and visiting the city, which for about a week, gets decorated to welcome its visitors.

Alegría Festival, in Chaouen

The festival takes place in the heart of Chefchaouen, also known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco. It has been held annually since 2004, although the dates are variable. It is a festival in which the music of the region is mixed with Spanish and Latin American music. Groups of the stature of Jarabe de Palo or Kiko Veneno have participated representing Spain.

Valley of Roses

This festival is celebrated during the month of May in Keela M’Gouna. On the way to the city, you can see a large number of people selling wreaths and other items handcrafted with roses from the area. For several days, you can enjoy different musical shows by groups from all over the country.

Rabat Mawazine Festival

Created in 2001, it can be cataloged as the great music festival of Morocco, with an average of more than two and a half million spectators, and occupies the second place among the largest music festivals on the planet, being number one in Africa .
Apart from being a great opportunity for young artists, the biggest ones in Arab, African and international music meet there.



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