Enjoying the Desert

Enjoying the Desert is our most important goal.
As we have already pointed out on several occasions, getting to Merzouga is a long way. The roads are not easy to travel, which means that we have to invest time to get there. But once we see the dunes, we understand that the journey was worth it. At Dreaming Sands, we insist very much that it is not an excursion from Marrakech. It is an 8 hours road trip, and the desert is to be enjoyed. Once there, we always have hours to go. We want to enjoy the silence, the tranquility, the sunset, the color changes of the sand while the sun goes down, but we also want to see the sunrise, and enjoy activities that can be done in the dunes. For the more traditional, we can enter with the dromedaries in the Sahara desert. Depending on the time of year, we will recommend the best time of the day to do it. But there are also other things to do such as sandboarding, buggies or quads, which are the favorites of the little ones, and the not so young ones. Gliding through the dunes in these vehicles is quite an adventure.
You just have to choose what you want to do and you will have your activity reserved when you arrive at the camp in Merzouga.
For the most intrepid and road and motor lovers, we have 4X4 to be able to travel some tracks of the Paris-Dakar, but there are also exclusive routes to do by motorcycle. If you choose this last option, we recommend that you consult us. We have collaborators with extensive experience in this field and you can make these tours in the best conditions and with the guarantee of the best insurance companies to avoid surprises.
As you can see, we have thought of everything. You just have to contact us, choose the date, and we will organize your entire trip with luxury haimas in which you will have a private bathroom inside, air conditioning (hot and cold) and all the amenities, so that you can really enjoy the desert.

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