Marrakesh and Aït Ben Haddou

Currently all cities begin to be the same. We find the same kind of restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. in cities around the world.
We suggest both destinations because they can give you a very good image of Morocco. Both are World Heritage Sites and on the way between them you can discover different landscapes and get a better impression of their culture, their history and their people.


An experience that, without a doubt, is worth doing without hurry. If you really want to enjoy the desert, we do not recommend you to take it as an excursion from Marrakech. The road is long and worthy to be enjoyed. If you have little time, contact us before leaving home and we will look for the best alternative to get here by air.

East and West

A difficult choice without a doubt. Morocco is a big country. If you have few days to visit us, you must choose between the different options or otherwise, your trip can become a simple route by road. We recommend that you read our information about Essaouira and Agadir, Fez and Chefchaouen and that you consult us about any itinerary, possibilities of entrances and exits through the ports and airports and we will inform you delighted.