An adventure in the Sahara desert.

Merzouga is a small town in the southeast of Morocco, near by the border with Algeria, located in Erg Chebbi… and our favorite destination. An “Erg” is the sandy region of a desert. Its name comes from the Arabic word “arq”.
Merzouga is therefore the best-known city of Erg Chebbi.
In Merzouga, you may find the most spectacular dunes in Morocco, which can reach 250 meters high.

We will not settle for only staying overnight in Merzouga; to properly enjoy the desert, we must stay for several hours to observe the changing color of the dunes, from golden to reddish dusk. In Merzouga, we will enter the dunes by dromedary, quad or 4×4 to see the sunrise and the sunset. No hurries: our goal is to enjoy these landscapes, the different colors of the desert and Berber music as much as possible.
We offer you the possibility of enjoying luxurious “haimas” located in the desert sands, or to spend the night in one of the hotel rooms, decorated with the most typical Moroccan style, or even enjoying a relaxing bath in a pool while watching the dunes in the background. During the night, it’s also usual to enjoy the performance of a typical music group in the area.

Another attraction in the area is to visit Hamlia. Its population is mainly Gnawa, descendants of the former Mauritanian slaves of Morocco, and whose music is also very characteristic. By doing it, they use instruments which recreate the noise made by the chains of their ancestors. It is very pleasant to spend a while and enjoy the music and ancestral dances of such a friendly amount of people!

Merzouga Rally has made part of the Dakar Series, being home of the the stages of the famous Paris-Dakar Rally.


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