Ouarzazate. Silence, shooting!!

Ouarzazate, the Little Hollywood of Morocco.

Silence. Shooting! We are used to here these words.

The Ouarzazate region is also known as Little Hollywood. This is so because of the wide range of films that have been shot on their floor.
The grandiosity of the  Aït Ben Haddou Ksar, the desert landscapes, palm groves, rivers and surrounding mountains, have made this area a unique enclave for the filming of scenes from films, series and other audiovisual media that have passed certainly to the history of cinema.

With this route we intend to give moviegoers the opportunity to be protagonists of their own film, touring the same places and accessing the same scenarios as their favorite actors.
We have the possibility to visit the Atlas studios, CLA Cinematographic Studios and the cinema museum, where you can relive all that is behind the most mythical films. Walk on the steps of Russel Crowe, feel part of Game of Thrones or Cleopatra, and discover the Moroccan audiovisual filmmaker side.

As CNN says in its article, ours are ideal scenarios to shoot films in the Middle East, since the landscapes are similar, but shooting in Ouarzazate is cheaper and safer.



Here you have a list with the most famous films:

Vikings: created by Michael Hirst for the History channel.

The Grand Tour:  produced by Andy Wilman

The Amazing Race: The tenth installment of the US reality television show.

Atlantis (2.013). (TV Movie) Justin Molotnikov & others.

Prometheus (2.011) Dir:Ridley Scott

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2.010) Dir: Lasse Hallström

Game of Thrones (2.009)  Dir: Steve Shill

Ben Hur (2.009) Dir: Steve Shill

Prince of Persia (2.008) Dir: Mike Newell

The Objetive (2.007)  Dir: Daniel Myrick

Body of Lies (2.007) Dir : Ridley Scott

Babel (2006) Dir.: Alejandro González Iñárritu

La Nativité (2.006) Dir:  Catherine Hardwicke

Home of Braves (2.006) Dir: Irwin Winkler

Prisoners of the Sun (2.006) Dir: Roger Christian

Kingdom of Heaven (2.005)Dir:  Ridley Scott

The Hills Have Eyes (2.005) Dir: Alexandre Aja

Asterix & Obelix Mission Cleopatra (2.005) Alain Chabat

Kingdom of Heaven (2.000) Dir: Ridley Scott.

Gladiator (2.000) Dir: Ridley Scott

Rules of Engagement (2000). Dir: William Friedkin.

St. Paul (2000 TV Movie). Dir: Roger Young

The Seventh Scroll (1999 Mini-Series). Dir: Kevin Connor

Cosas que Olvidé Recordar (1999). Dir: Enrique Oliver 

Il Tempo dell'amore (1999). Dir: Giacomo Campiotti.

The Mummy (1999). Dir: Stephen Sommers.

Jesus (1999 TV Movie). Dir: Roger Young

Esther (1999 TV Movie). Dir: Raffaele Mertes.

Cleopatra (1999 TV Movie). Dir: Franc Roddam. 

I Giardnin dell´Eden (1998). Dir: Alessandro D'Alatri.

Jeremiah (1998 TV Movie). Dir: Harry Winer.

Legionnaire (1998). Dir: Peter McDonald

Hamilton (1998). Dir: Harald Zwart.

David (1997 TV Movie). Dir: Robert Markowitz.

Solomon (1997 TV Movie). Dir: Roger Young

Kundun (1997). Dir: Martin Scorsese.

Slave of Dreams (1995 TV Movie). Dir: Robert M. Young.

Solomon & Sheba (1995 TV Movie). Dir: Robert M.Young.

Moses (TV Movie. 1995). Dir: Roger Young.

Jacob (1994 TV Movie). Dir: Peter Hall.

Abraham (1994 TV Movie). Dir: Joseph Sargent. 

The Sheltering Sky (1990). Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci. 

Last Temptation of Christ (1988). Dir: Martin Scorsese.

The Living Daylights (1987). Dir: John Glen. 

The Jewel of the Nile (1985). Dir: Lewis Teague

Banzaï (1983). Dir: Claude Zidi.

Bad Timing (1980). Dir: Nicolas Roeg.

Jesus of Nazareth  (TV Movie. 1977). Dir: Franco Zeffirelli.

Salamadrrelor Cuibu (1976). Dir: Mircea Dragan. 

The Man Who Would Be King (1975). Dir: John Huston.

Cent Mille Dollars au Soleil (1964). Dir: Henri Verneuil.

Sodom and Gomorrah(1962). Dir: Robert Aldrich.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Dir: David Lean.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956). Dir: Alfred Hitchcock