Enjoy luxury in the Sahara Desert.

Zagora is located in the southeast of Morocco, near the border with Algeria, just in the Souss Massa Draa region and about 360 km to the southeast of Marrakech.
To get from Marrakech to Zagora, it is necessary to cross the Atlas Mountains and, later, cross the Draa Valley, which means approximately 8 hours on the way. We believe that Sahara Desert is a stage of the journey which is worth enjoying. The sunsets and sunrises in the desert are incomparable, so we do not recommend visiting it as an short trip from Marrakech at all.

It has around 30,000 inhabitants and its activity revolves around its main street. It is an ideal place to relax, enter the dunes of Erg Chigaga and enjoy the sun and silence. For our visitors, on summer, we have many hotels equipped with swimming pools and gardens in which they can relax during the hottest hours.
Zagora was a stop on the route for the caravans which used to go along Sahara Desert centuries ago, lowering salt and raising slaves. The current Zagora was founded in the French colonial period as the administrative center of the region, but its ruins come from an old fortress from the Almoravid period, whose remains of the walls can still be seen.
We can walk through the alleys accompanied by a local guide who will explain each detail, as well as visit the library of Tamegroute and the Palm Grove Route. It is also interesting to visit the Ksar of Tissergate, as well as the surrounding Ksars, or the pottery and jewelery workshops.

There are typical routes such as the climb to Jebel Zagora, about 950 meters high, from where you can see a magnificent view of the Draa Valley, or the route by the old track of Paris Dakar, which connects Zagora with Merzouga; and we can start in Amazrau, which is nearby the city, and which has a great, cheerful people for this reason.