Tanger: Several civilizations, only one city. Walk into centuries of History.

Tanger is a city located in the north extreme of Morocco, in the Strait of Gibraltar. It therefore limits to the north and to the west with the Atlantic Ocean.
The name of Tingé comes from the Gregorian mythological tradition, and it was chosen in honor to the wife of the giant Antaeus. This transcended in the Berber mythology, according to which Tanger was built by a son of Tingis, wife of the Berber hero Antaeus, defeated and killed by Hercules. In fact, one of the tourist attractions of Tanger is the grotto of Hercules.
Tanger retains indications of prehistoric occupation, being later occupied by Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. Christianity was also particularly important during the third century BC.
Later, it fell under the Vandal, Byzantine and Arab dominion, belonging to the Kingdom of Taifas of Malaga, later belonging to the Emirate of Tanger. It also fell under the rule of Portugal and Spain, and Italian troops were also installed in the city during the nineteenth century. It was later a condominium known as the International Zone of Tanger, and was finally incorporated into the kingdom of Morocco in 1957.
Its walls are eminently defensive. They consist of thirteen access doors, seven defense batteries and some watchtowers.

In our visit to Tanger, we will go to the port area, from where we can also contemplate the new Mosque of the port and the famous Hotel Continental.
The Medina of Tanger retains the charm of the Arab Medinas and some areas of walls built by the Portuguese. In the upper area of the Medina, surrounded by walls and over the bay and the port, we can find the famous Kasbah.
It is worth mentioning the Grand Zoco, a former rural market and currently the neuralgic center of the city, as well as the Small Zoco. Inside the Medina, it is worth visiting the bazaars area of Francis, Siaguin and Al Mouahidin streets.
We also consider interesting the Beni Idder neighborhood, located to the south of the Medina.
Outside the Medina, we can visit the Lighthouse Square, the Arab League Square, the street by the sea, and the tourism and sports port, which is located to the west of the seafront, Tanga Marina Bay. We have to distinguish the port of Tanger Ville, for high-speed ferries from Tarifa and tourist cruises from the fishing port, and the Port of Tanger Med, which is located at about 76 kms distance from it, and which is a modern port and the main terminal for merchandise and passengers.