Essaouira: Blue as the Ocean, white as the foam. Discover its corners.

Essaouira is located on the west coast of Morocco, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a port city with about 70,000 inhabitants, whose economy is based on fishing, so we can enjoy a walk through its port, contemplate the fishing boats and buy wonderful fish.
We will start the visit at Its medina, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2001, through the gate called “Petit Bab Marrakech”. In it, we can acquire products from its wood industry, textile and food, as well as products of crafts, marquetry and jewelry in particular. We can also enjoy its restaurants, tearooms, coffee shops, and visit the main square, Moulay El Hassan. In this square, is it usual to find some local and strangers artists, playing their music and shows, and also terraces where it is so pleasant to be on any season of the year.
Inside the Medina, we can visit the Synagogue, a quite hidden place where Jews go to pray from very different points of the Moroccan geography.
We will continue walking along the fortresses, Scala du Port, built by the Portuguese in 1.506, and from which we can have the best sights or views of Essaouira and its old fishing port. From the walls of Essaouira, we could also contemplate the island of Mogador, where we can distinguish the ruins of the fortification, the Mosque and the old prison. It is worth admiring the hustle and bustle of this port where we can see the fishermen, sellers and buyers, and even some restaurants that prepare the fish right there so that you can enjoy sitting on its terraces.
We can also buy and carry it, so that they can prepare it to our taste, in a restaurant in the Medina.

Another interesting event is the Gnaoua and World Music Festival of Essaouira, which is held every year, and which attracts thousands of artists and visitors each edition.

Don’t hesitate in adding Essaouira to your trip, if you like sea, fish, music and misterious corners!