Morocco is an eminently mountanious country. Two thirds of his surface are mountains and hills, which turns it into an ideal destination for routes of trekking, ideal for the most curious and adventurous people. They didn’t produced Indiana Jones here for no reason, right? In the country there are 4 mountainous chains to visit. In the north you can find …

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Travelling alone or accompanied?

The decision of travelling alone or accompanied it is something personal and determined by the circumstances of every moment and of every person. We offer you a solution in order that you can enjoy your trip no matter what the circumstances are. Do you like to travel with family or friends? We have more than 20 years of experience accompanying …

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Our excursions are an unavoidable tour in your trip. In Dreaming Sands we are enemies of the hurry. Our aim is that you can relax and enjoy your vacations. We know by experience that visiting a thousand places and walking along a thousand miles does not make the trip more interesting. Our clients are those who really enjoy the trip …

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